Millmerran Power Station

Categories: Case Studies


The JPC Engineering team recently completed an interesting and challenging project for the Millmerran Power Station.  Set with the challenging task of designing transport frames for three turbines, JPC was able to draw upon their resources and expertise to ensure the turbines safe transit to Newcastle for refurbishment during shut-down.

This complex task had to meet load restraint guidelines, as well as detailed lifting capability specifications. To make matters trickier, our engineers had very little information about the turbines and could only access final dimensional data by on-site measuring one day prior to transportation.
A hectic Saturday morning saw JPC updating design and drawings, while the fabricators stood by to weld the structure on Saturday afternoon so the transport “hit the road” the following day.
It was a critical moment as the 5-meter, 16-tonne turbine was lowered onto the JPC designed frame, which allowed for no more than 3mm end-to-end tolerance.
Testimony to JPC’s scope to deliver – all was well: the fit was perfect, the turbines were secured and they were off to Newcastle on time and on schedule—an essential requirement in any power station shutdown.
JPC were especially pleased by the remarks of the insurance inspector overseeing loading operations who commented the frames were the best he had ever come across!