Power Generation

In modern times, power generation is a technical and expensive industry

As specialists in the power generation field, JPC delivers design projects of only the highest quality and to a dedicated time frame, reducing downtime for power source plants. Our team can deliver engineering solutions of both a design and research orientation including:

  • Access platforms
  • Crane beams and lifting jigs
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Pressure Parts Schematics
  • Pressure Parts Repair Data Capture Systems
  • Welding Traceability Systems
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Component Re-design
  • Small & large transportation frames
  • Valve access platforms built to Australian standards
  • Valve crane rail design, drafting and engineering certification
  • Electrical schematic drawing
  • Piping schematic drawings
  • Cast component reverse engineering
  • Weld traceability diagrams and data capture systems
  • Re-design of sealing components
  • Re-design of high wearing components
  • Lifting and transportation frames

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