Stoll’s Spraying

Categories: Case Studies

Across Eastern Australia, farmers are all smiles — the best rains in many years have ensured that crops are flourishing. Of course, this comes at a price—weeds and pests are thriving, too, so now it’s spraying time in the paddocks.

Wagga Wagga firm Stoll’s Spraying Equipment approached JPC Engineering’s team to draw up plans for six variants of spray booms ranging from 24m to 36m. All booms have been specifically designed to fit onto the newly designed 6000L trailer. This threw up a number of design problems: fitting both a small boom and large boom to the same trailer, a bigger boom would be heavier, but would still need to be strong, yet flexible and sufficiently compact for road towage when folded.

Boom linkages would be more complicated, too, yet simplicity of design was needed so that maintenance and manufacture of like parts across the models would be reasonably straightforward. It’s a challenging task for JPC Engineering, but the design team have overcome many challenges in order to produce a complete range of 6000L, variant length booms. On completion of the 6000L trailer, Stoll’s have asked JPC Engineering to commence work on producing their 3000L and 4500L trailer models. With many more design challenges to come, it can be sure that the JPC Engineering design team are up to the task.